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Today’s Topic: Favorite Couples In Books

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I’ll let you in on a little secret if you promise not to tell anyone. I’m a romantic at heart, always have been. I appreciate the ideas of commitment, faithfulness and sacrifice that are present where real love exists.

It is this type of love that makes relationships last. Because, let’s be honest. We are all human, prone to make mistakes and hurt those we care about. But people who choose to love each other work hard to prioritize each other and their relationship by practicing forgiveness, thoughtfulness and mercy.

With Valentine’s Day a couple of days away, I’m glad that this week’s prompt gives me the opportunity to share some of my favorite book couples who exemplify some of the characteristics of real love.

Dr. Cheyney Duvall & Shiloh Irons – The Cheyney Duvall, M.D. Series

A female doctor raised in privilege and a Civil War veteran turned male nurse work together in the Reconstruction Era. I love the balance and equality of their relationship.

Kate Worthington & Henry Delafield – Blackmoore

Two young people who secretly love one another, but who must hide their feeling to keep from being separated. A friends turned more romance with enough longing to wring your heart.

Anne Shirley & Gilbert Blythe –Anne Shirley Series

Who doesn’t love this story of the feisty orphan who meets her intellectual equal in the teasing, but faithful school chum?

Roxanna Rowan & Colonel Cassius McLinn – The Colonel’s Lady

A young lady of quiet strength and skill falls for the Army colonel who accidentally killed her only remaining relative. Both Roxanna and Cass are people of honor and duty who are drawn to each other in spite of themselves.

Eva Rosselli & Angelo Bianco – From Sand and Ash

A Jewish violinist falls for the Catholic boy who works for her family but who is destined to be a priest. A beautiful story of courage, self- denial and sacrifice.

Adela McGirth & Totka Lawe – The Creek Country Saga

A white settler falls for her Indian captor in 1800’s Florida. I appreciate how their story sees past prejudice and cultural divides to the individual’s heart.

Sarah Miller & Tucker O’Shay This Quiet Sky

Awww, a beautiful, bittersweet tale of first love in the Appalachians. Sarah and Tucker’s friendship bordering on love is quiet and heartbreaking.

Tish Ransome & Sebastian Jeffries –A Light in the Dark

A sassy singer who curses in pirate befriends a young man with a tragic past.

Grace Covington & Matt Holloway – Mercy’s Fight

Grace is a wealthy, sheltered young woman with a heart for the less fortunate. Matt is a man whose life has been filled with poverty and violence. He feels compelled to act as her protector when she takes over the management of a youth center in a high risk area.

Carina DiGratia & Quillan Shepherd –Diamond of the Rockies Series

Carina leaves a life of security to open her own restaurant in a Colorado mining town. She is independent and her foolhardiness puts her in the path of Quillan, a tortured man whose gruffness hides a poetic soul.

Helena Reynolds & Justin Thornhill –The Matrimonial Advertisement

A marriage of convenience turns into something more for a lady seeking physical and financial security and a orphaned soldier turned landowner who needs a wife.

Rose McNeil & Oliver Thorne – Rose in Three-Quarter Time

A talented violinist enters into a marriage of convenience with a disabled conductor. This romance is set in Vienna, where music equals love, not to mention Shostafreakingkovich!

Bianca Marshal & Paul Emerson The Covered Deep

A naïve but adventurous young woman wins the trip of a lifetime, where she meets and globe-trotting adventurer with a secretive past.

Marcus & Hadassah – Mark of the Lion Series

A Roman centurion is unwillingly drawn to a Jewish servant in his household. Just when he recognizes his feelings towards her the two are brutally torn apart. This story is epic, gut-wrenching and absolutely memorable. Hadassah is one of the most humble and faithful characters I’ve ever read.

Meg Cole & Bo Porter – Undeniably Yours 

A timid, self-conscious heiress must learn how to manage her father’s vast business holdings. With the support and encouragement of her father’s farm manager she builds confidence. Bo is such a steadfast character and Meg’s sweetness and generosity is such a great match for his reserved nature.

I exceeded my limit of ten this week, but who’s counting? Who are some of your favorite book couples?

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