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Art serves many purposes, but one of the most important is to make us think and feel, to evoke emotion in us and to help us to see things with fresh eyes. In my opinion, book cover art is no different. Although it’s main design is to sell the story inside. The image tells us what to expect. But good book art can also create the same reaction as other types of art.

For this week’s prompt, I want to share covers which have not only grabbed my eye, but have caused me to feel or to take action. Some of these covers motivated me to purchase the book, without knowing anything about it. Others have artwork I wish I could use in my home. And then there are those that evoke strong emotion in me, whether that is yearning, comfort, wistfulness or familiarity.

When Silence Sings – There is so much mystery inherent in this cover. In what direction is this train traveling? Where is it going? The mist hints at hidden things, but the colors and light also make it feel hopeful. And for that matter the image gives no clue as to what time frame this is in, current? past? So many questions, generated by one visual.

Many Sparrows – If I could purchase a copy of this print somewhere, frame it and hang it on my wall, I would do it in a heartbeat. I can’t take my eyes off those autumnal colors and that wilderness scene. It feels simultaneously warm, cozy and challenging in some undefined way.

At the Edge of Summer – This gives me Renoir vibes so hard. There’s that gorgeous country estate landscape with a pop of red to catch the eye. The female figure gazing into the distance as if she is searching for something feels so wistful and slightly hopeful.

Murder at the Brightwell This would make for fun wall artwork. It brings to mind old school classic movie posters. And although I’m not a fan of orange, I love the use of it here for some reason. It really makes everything stand out.

Lu – This is one of the more unusual book covers I’ve run across which subtly hints at the story within.  I love all the white space, the complete non-uniformity, the golden lines and pastel shades. It makes me curious and slightly unsettled at the appearance of this random chaos and yet I instinctually feel there is a purpose behind it.

To Dwell Among Cedars – So, here’s the thing. I love trees! And it is rare to see them featured in cover art.  This particular tree feels strong and sheltering while also giving me the urge to climb it as I would have in my childhood days.  Those limbs look like arms that could wrap around a person to keep them safe. AND the look of light streaming through trees is one of my favorite scenes ever both in real life and art.

The Joy of Falling – A first glance is not enough. The more you look, the more you see. And the gradation of colors creates a rainbow canvas for the individual parts of the whole. And as I’ve already noted, I’m always drawn to the use of light in art.

Fifth Avenue Story Society – Okay, where is this place? I want to be there! It draws me in through those golden stones to the warmth and coziness of a library rich with leather books.  That’s a place I could settle in and live, maybe with a fire and a nice cup of tea.

Mr. Rochester – I just really love the creative use of the profile as a frame for the bucolic English countryside. It’s rather unique.

The Medallion – I’ve been mesmerized by this one since I first saw it. With it’s faint blurring and the way the light comes through, it almost appears to be underwater though clearly that is not possible. Then there is this young girl with ringlets who seems to be attired as an adult. Who is she? What is the significance of the medallion she wears?

The Curse of Misty Wayfair – If you can’t immediately tell that this is a sad, haunting, possible scary story, well then, you don’t know how to read a cover. There is something very lonely and terrible about this image, from the cracked walls, to that single, solitary chair, to the fading light and colors, it is perfect for a book with a plot about a mental asylum. I shiver inwardly just looking at it.

The Sound of Rain – I love the vintage feel the faded colors convey. I also find it interesting that the title is about rain and yet, it feels rather cheerful and sunny.  Cropping the models facial features out is an interesting choice, because we can’t see her expression, yet her posture indicates all is not well. Beyond that, this is another cover, I could frame and hang on my walls.

The Luck of Rainbow Gold -I feel this image so strongly. The freedom it represents, the hope and strength depicted by those upraised arms, the power of the ocean and the beauty of the rainbow. This is a picture that lifts my soul.

Bespoke, A Tiny Christmas Tale – This is one of my favorite book covers ever! The way the warm, wooden, double door frames the snowy, cold, mountain village view caused me to purchase this novella with no knowledge of the lyrically beautiful story contained inside. And once again that punch of red proves my weakness for its’ use as an accent color.

The Killing Tide – This is yet another cover that just almost punched me in the gut with it’s stunning visual. I’m a sucker for shades of blue and green in cover art.  But the way the woman is shown rising out of the water is so creative and makes me think of a powerful mermaid. It’s a great image for a book featuring Coast Guard Rescue characters.

The Girl Who Chased the Moon – Yet another book I purchased simply because I loved the cover imagery.  I can’t even fully articulate what I love about it so much. The combination of the dark background, the overwhelming number of fireflies and the woman hunched over in the middle of it all in a white dress just appeals to me. Although the darkness and her posture looks like this might be a sad story, the fireflies give it a feeling of magic and wonder.

Shades of Light – Any glance in my closet or my home decorating scheme will tell you I have a severe weakness for blue and white. And as previously established, I also am drawn to creative uses of light, including bokeh. This combination of both immediately drew my eye. But then I also have to wonder, what does a bird have to do with the story or the title? It feels a bit vulnerable, yet serene.

The Summer House – Is this not one of the most inviting looking covers, you’ve ever seen? I instantly feel like it must be in the South. It conjures up feelings of welcome, comfort, conversation over lemonade and breezy summer evenings with people you love.

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