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Ugh, I’m so terrible at remembering names, that when I tried to come up with examples for this week’s list, I really struggled. It’s challenging enough trying to remember the main character’s names in a book without adding in supporting characters who are friends or family.

So, I decided to go a different route. Instead,  this week you get some of my favorite duos from films.

Anne and Diana in Anne of Green Gables
Is there a sweeter friendship than the one between these two? They remain faithful and supportive of each other at all times. Diana grounds Anne and Anne helps Diana see the world in new ways.

Miss Pettigrew and Delysia in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
Though they only spend one day together and Miss Pettigrew is in Delysia’s employ, there is something rather endearing about the relationship they form in their individual desperation. Delysia definitely gets the better end of the bargain as Miss Pettigrew acts as a wise mother figure who doesn’t judge.

Solo and Ilya in The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
One of my favorite tropes is when two enemies are forced to work together and learn to respect each other. This film does that so well, mostly thanks to the performances of Armie Hammer and Henry Cavill who play it a bit tongue in cheek. The verbal digs they take at each other are funny and entertaining, but their professionalism always wins out.

Blanche and Lucy in New in Town
Blanche is so simple and sweet and I love how she tries so hard to befriend Lucy. It takes Lucy a bit longer to recognize Blanche’s value in her life, but when these two finally join forces, they make things happen!

Spur and Jim in The Man from Snowy River
Spur acts as Jim’s mentor and second father when Jim’s dad dies. It’s clear that Jim loves and respects his father’s old friend and Spur is able to challenge Jim and help him overcome some of his immaturity and anger.

Lucy and the Captain in The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
 Utterly romantic in more ways than one, this is a love story between a mortal woman and a ghostly sea captain whose mental and emotional connection surpass their lack of a physical one. I especially appreciate how they challenge each other and help the other one grow and gain new perspectives.

Marion and Topper in Topper
Although Marion is actually married to George, her ghostly interactions with the hen-pecked Topper is the highlight of the whole film. Her good deed to get into Heaven is to loosen him up, but in reality she creates havoc in his life which Topper really winds up enjoying. The way this diminutive, timid man flirts with Marion is something to see.

Jack and Algy in The Importance of Being Earnest
While I think the adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s An Ideal Husband is a better film, the rivalry and banter between friends Jack and Algy here is so much fun. They are like two little boys arguing over a cookie and they manage to do it so charmingly.

Mammy and Rhett in Gone With the Wind
Really I could have just named Mammy and everyone. She’s such a great character and her connection with each person in this movie is the heart of the film. But I love how Mammy and Rhett interact with each other. He loves to tease her and she acts like she can’t stand him, but they really respect each other.

Nick and Nora Charles in The Thin Man Series
Arguably one of the best duos ever created for the screen, this husband and wife team are #relationshipgoals. They manage to solve crimes, razz each other, wear beautiful clothes, travel the country and move comfortably within all levels of society while making it all look easy and fun.

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  1. Glad I’m not the only one who struggles to remember character names. If it’s not in the Goodreads summary and I don’t write them my review, there’s a 90% chance those names are GONE in about a week.

    Anyway, Miss Pettigrew + Delysia are in fact an utter delight. In both film and book.

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