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Today’s Topic: Books I Hope to Find Under My Tree

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One year for Christmas my mom gave me some jewelry. She wanted me to have some nice pieces that I could wear for years. As grateful as I was, I guess something on my face made her ask, “You would have rather received books for Christmas, wouldn’t you?” To which I guiltily answered, “Yes.”

Every year, my Christmas wish list includes a whole lot of books. Sometimes I get around to buying these books for myself, particularly when they go on sale for Kindle. This year, I’ve requested several non-fiction titles in hardback, since those tend to be a bigger investment. Also, since classic film is my other obsession, these non-fiction titles provide the marriage of two of my favorite things.

Storm Rising – I can never get enough of Kendig’s thrilling, globe trotting adventures.

Until the Mountains Fall – I’ve been loving this series on the biblical Cities of Refuge and am behind on the latest installment.

Miriam Hopkins: Life and Films of a Hollywood Rebel – I find this classic film actress fascinating and want to learn more about her.

A Reluctant Bride – I love stories about strangers marrying and I know this author will give me a well-researched and well-written one.

The Dating Charade – Love the cover and love a good rom-com, not to mention this is a debut.

Capturing the Devil – Can’t wait to read the conclusion to this series which has kept me on the edge of my seat!

Sweet on You – Becky Wade writes excellent and thoughtful contemporary romances. I’ve been dying to read the final one in this series about three sisters.

Gowns by Adrian – I’ve always been a classic film fan, but I’ve recently become very interested in reading more about the costume designers of that era. Adrian was one of the best and worked for MGM.

Irene:  A Designer – Another excellent costume designer who worked for MGM, the Cadillac of studios.

Herbert Marshall: A Biography – In my opinion, Marshall is a very underrated classic film actor. I’ve wanted to know more about him ever since I discovered he lost a leg. You can’t tell this at all in his films.

What are some of the books on your Christmas Wish List?

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8 Replies to “Top Ten Tuesday – Christmas Bookish Wish List”

  1. You have an interesting collection here. I’m not very familiar with classic film, but reading about costume designers sounds fascinating. And I have to admit, I don’t read a lot of series romance, but a trilogy about 3 sisters sounds like a cool hook.

    1. Yes, since digging into it a bit more, I have found costume design is a fascinating subject. I had no idea how much it influences the actor, their character and the film.

  2. Becky’s books are always wins for me. I’m eager to see what her new series is about although I did enjoy both of her “family” centered series, it’ll be interesting to see how she connects these books that don’t have family at their center. Also, yay for “The Dating Charade.” That one looks (SOUNDS!) so fun. 🙂

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