Top Ten Tuesday – Characters I’d Love An Update On

Today’s Topic:  Characters I’d Love An Update On (Where are they now that the book is over?)

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My interpretation of today’s prompt is better titled, Characters I Want More Of or that I would like to see in a series.

Simon and Sophie from The Mozart Code – I just raved about these two in my book review last week. But seriously, I want more of their Cold War Eastern European spy and art adventures.

Josie de Clare  from Dearest Josephine – I feel like Josie was just starting to figure life out and was beginning a new relationship with the quirky and patient Oliver. I want to know what happens next.

Drew and AshleyBeauty and the Mustache – These two pop up every now and then in Penny Reid’s series, but I still want more stories focused on them, since they are one of my favorite book couples ever.

Valancy & Barney from The Blue Castle – Barney is pretty great, but really I just want more stories about Valancy’s self-discovery journey and appreciation for the small, everyday things.

Svetlana and Wynn from The Ice Swan – This is another book that ended right as the couple had figured out their feelings and were starting to settle down. I would love to see how these two would make a cross-cultural relationship work, especially since theirs also includes family members close by. I also reviewed this book, if you’re curious to know more.

Minna & Max from In a Far-Off Land -These two had just confessed their love for each other at the end of the book. But I would love to see how they adjust to the big changes in their lives including a baby and a move to South Dakota from the bright lights of Hollywood. There’s a whole other story there.

Lu  from Lu & Louisa – I know, I know, the author has already given us two books to enjoy Lu, but I want more. I want to know how she manages a relationship with a pastor and also to experience more of her unique perspective as she grows in her faith.

Molly and Silas from All That Really Matters – This story about an Instagram influencer who gains new perspective working with underprivileged teens was so relatable. It would be great to see Molly build her new platform after she switched her focus and also to see more of her and Silas work within their community.

Hadley and Max from Hadley Beckett’s Next Dish -I loved this enemies to lovers romance between these two celebrity chefs. More reality star adventures between them now that their bickering is for fun and not out of spite would be awesome.

Chief Sechele from In Spite of Lions – Rarely has one character made such a strong impression on me and this one was an actual historical figure. I’d like to read a whole book about this African chief with personality plus, a love of all things British and the man who introduced Christianity to the Bakwena tribe.

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9 Replies to “Top Ten Tuesday – Characters I’d Love An Update On”

  1. I like your interpretation of the prompt. I don’t tend to really think about what happens to characters after their written stories end. There are, however, definitely characters out there that I loved and would be interested in reading more about. I haven’t read any of the books on your list, but it sounds like these characters made a definite impression on you!

    Happy TTT!


    1. Seeing as how many stories with romantic angles end with the couple getting together, I frequently wonder what happens next. I want to know if those people are actually able to sustain their relationships long term and how it impacts their personal growth and development.

  2. I read “In a Far-Off Land” early this year and did enjoy it. It’s not my typical read, but it still good. Definitely characters we’d be curious to know more about. Still need to read Caroline and Nicole’s respective books too – glad to read about the character of Josie in “Dearest Josephine.” Already more curious. 🙂

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