Top Ten Tuesday – Book Characters I’d Like To Switch Places With

Today’s Topic: Characters I’d Like To Switch Places With

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What a fun prompt this is. It has really made me think differently about familiar and well-loved books. The great thing about a good book is that it takes you out of your own life and allows you to live vicariously through the lives of its’ characters.

Regular readers know that I adore historical fiction. However, when it came time to make this week’s list, there’s something I realized. As much as I enjoy reading about history, I don’t know that I would want to live it. That is why many of the ladies I chose for this list come from contemporary stories.


Paisley Sutton of the Enchanted Events Mystery Series – She’s a washed up former pop singer returning to her Arkansas home town. But the real reason I would like to spend a day in her shoes is to borrow her feisty ex-CIA grandmother and honorary aunt. I would love to attend their sexy book club. Not to mention I wouldn’t mind living next door to the strong and silent Beau.

Juliette D’Alisa of the Two Blue Doors Series – If there is one thing I would love to change about myself, it is that I enjoyed cooking. Currently, I hate it. I would love to have Juliana’s skills in the kitchen, not only to whip up delicious food, but also as a stress reliever. I would also love to spend a day with her tight knit family. Then there’s that little European trip to France and Italy she takes while researching her ancestry.

Anne Gallagher of What the Wind Knows – Ireland is on my travel bucket list. Not only does Anne get to travel to current day Ireland, but she also gets to experience 1920’s Ireland through time travel. This writer has the opportunity to see a pivotal time in Ireland’s history, but she also gets to meet her beloved grandfather as a child. Who hasn’t wondered what their parents and grandparents were like as children?

Rose McNeil of Rose in Three-Quarter Time – Although I took piano lessons for ten years, I’ve never been naturally gifted in music. I would love to be as skilled as Rose and able to play in an orchestra. Rose is also such a sunny, easy-going woman which is something I would like to emulate. Then there’s the fact that she gets to live and work in Vienna, a city which has moved to the top of my bucket list thanks to the author’s loving depiction.

Amory Ames of the Amory Ames Mystery Series – There’s something I find very glamorous and sophisticated about the English upper class in the 1930’s that Amory is a part of. I die over the description of her wardrobe. And I would love to visit all the places Amory gets to see when she is solving crimes. I also wouldn’t mind being a bit more like Amory, poised, collected and well-educated in the way only the upper crust is.

A Lady of Independence

Astera Clayborn of A Lady of Independence -I love how Astera is unapologetically herself. She is intelligent and confident, but also kind and witty. And she doesn’t take any guff from rich, sophisticated men who ask to marry her. In fact, I love how she challenges Weston’s perceptions of her and of the world around them.

Marianne Daventry of Edenbrooke – I won’t lie. Every time I’ve read this book I always think I need to start twirling as a means to express my joy like Marianne does. Too, it would be a marvelous experience to be a guest at the gorgeous Edenbrooke estate and to flirt with it’s master.

Valancy Stirling of The Blue Castle – I honestly envy Valancy’s journey of self-discovery and growth, especially since I feel like I’ve stagnated in my own. She also appreciates the simple things in such a way that it helps me see them through more grateful eyes.

Callie Quinn of A New Shade of Summer – Another skill I’ve always envied and wished I had is that of the creative artist, much like Callie. Not only is she a talented painter, but she’s a bubbly free-spirit. I also wouldn’t mind spending some time in her miniature home on wheels which sounds absolutely charming.

Ella Beckley of The Lady and the Lionheart – Basically, the main reason I want to be Ella for a day is to be loved by someone like Charlie Lionheart. Also, wouldn’t it be so interesting to experience the behind the scenes of the circus in its’ heyday?

Sarah Hollenbeck of The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck – Sarah is a romance author (yes, please) who finds herself navigating an entirely new way of life when she becomes a Christian. Having been raised in a culture of faith, this is a lifestyle which is extremely familiar to me. But, I would love the chance to experience it all for the first time, like Sarah does. It would be great to be able to see the Christian culture with Sarah’s fresh eyes.

Who are some of the fictional characters you would like to trade places with?


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  1. You have reminded me about how much I’d like to reread The Blue Castle. I read it a long time ago, at the urging of a fellow reader who considered it her favorite book. It was wonderful, and I’d like to see if it holds up.

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