Top Ten Tuesday – Characters I’d Follow on Social Media

Today’s Topic: Characters I’d Follow On Social Media

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Following people on social media is a bit like window-peeping. It gives you brief glances at the lives of others, so that you feel like you know them a little bit, without actually giving the full picture. Call me a Peeping Tom, but as someone who is always curious about people, I can’t help but find it rather entertaining. Here are a few book characters whose social media feeds would keep me intrigued.

Ava Breevort in Fight or Flight – Ava is a beautiful, fiesty, interior designer with amazing taste who lives in Boston. Who wouldn’t want to get a front row seat to her life?

Sienna DiazGrin and Beard It – I love people with a great sense of humor and Sienna fits the bill as a famous rom-com actress. Plus, I always love getting glimpses at the celebrity lifestyle.

Sarah Hollenbeck in The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck – For a former romance writer and divorcee, Sarah is refreshingly sweet and sometimes naive. Having grown up in church myself, I love her outsider’s perspective on Christian culture.

Paisley Sutton in Enchanted Events Mysteries– As a former girl-bander turned event planner, Paisley has led an interesting life. Plus, she’s so endearingly real, prone to disaster and has an inner circle full of fascinating people.

Amory Ames Amory Ames Mystery Series – I would turn to Amory for inspiration in sleek sophistication. As a wealthy, beautiful woman living in 1930’s England who plays amateur detective, her social media feeds would be both glamorous and suspenseful. Also, I really just want to see pics of her amazing wardrobe.

Belle Heartstone in Seeing Miss Heartstone – As a woman of the Victorian era who takes over her father’s numerous business holdings, Belle is a woman ahead of her time. She even secretly mentors her crush in building his own business. She has a lot to teach in being a strong, compassionate woman who refuses to let society dictates determine her life.

Meredith Sullivan in The Bridge Series – I like Meredith personally, but I’m even more interested in living vicariously through her.  At her age I dreamed of her life; going to school in Paris, writing a book, living in a gorgeous European country like Ireland.

Frances Marion in The Girls in the Picture – Frances was an early Hollywood female pioneer. As someone who’s long held a fascination for film history, I would love to see the beginnings of this industry through her eyes.

Rachel White in Marilla of Green Gables – As long as that sharp tongue isn’t directed at me, I think it would be hilarious to read the young Rachel’s opinions on the people of Avonlea. She’s the neighborhood busybody you can’t help but be fascinated by.

Lilly Linton in  Storm and Silence Series – Lilly is one of my favorite characters ever written – determined, strong and irrepressible in pursuing her dream of independence. Her tweets would be inspirational and fierce.

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