Top Ten Tuesday -Books I’ve Read but Forgotten

Today’s Topic: Books I Really Liked but Can’t Remember Anything/Much About

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This week’s topic had me stumped. I’m a true lover of story in any form, so I have a good memory of those which I read. But as I started going through my read list on Goodreads, I was surprised to find there are a few books which I actually couldn’t remember. Of course, I remember reading them, but I’m ashamed to say there are some whose stories I have forgotten. I guess that is bound to happen when you have been an obsessive reader your whole life. Still, I must admit I’m a bit ashamed, particularly since these are books I actually liked.

These Old Shades -Back when I first discovered Georgette Heyer and whizzed my way through her titles, I remember this one being my favorite. Unfortunately, I can’t remember why.

The Time of My Life -I love the whimsical, out-of-the box stories from Cecelia Ahern. Some I remember better than others. Even after looking over the synopsis of this one, I can’t remember a thing about it.

Plain Jayne & Simply Sara -Way back when Manton Lodge first published, I read and loved this duology of hers, even though I have a low tolerance for any type of Amish story. In recent years, it was my memory of these books which prompted me to read her more recent releases.

The Stones Cry Out -The first in a mystery/suspense series featuring a forensic geologist, I read this one so many years ago, that I’ve forgotten the details. I feel like a re-read is in order since I love this series.

Havah -No one writes fiction quite like Tosca Lee. I like how she takes maligned characters and helps me view them from a different perspective. This was the first of her titles I read which got me hooked on this unique storyteller.

Resurrection in May -I went through a Lisa Samson phase years ago. Her book The Passion of Mary-Margaret is a personal favorite, but somehow the plot for this one has slipped my memory.

The Memory Thief -Of all the books I’ve read and forgotten, this one left the strongest imprint, though I can’t tell you why. Perhaps it’s the moody cover? Or a story which I vaguely remember featuring family dysfunction and abuse.

Gallimore -This has all the hallmarks of a favorite; time-travel, medieval setting and an amazing author. Sadly, I’ve read it twice and still can’t recount the story for you.

Cut From the Same Cloth -Do you like screwball historical comedy? Until reading Baldwin’s books I didn’t even know such a sub-genre existed. As quickly as I devoured her books, this is one I probably whizzed through too fast, because the details of the plot are now hazy.

A Heart Most Worthy -Siri Mitchell is one of my go-to historical fiction authors. I own every one of her books and some of left a personal impact on me. For some reason, this is not one of them. I know I read it, but I might as well not have for all the memory I have of it.

What are some books whose stories you have forgotten? Have you read any of these?

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