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When working on this week’s post, I originally went a different direction. But then I thought, why not keep it simple? So today’s list features the books I’m thankful for and why I appreciate them.

This Present Darkness This book helped shape my perspective of the spiritual world. Every time I read it, I am strongly reminded that we are not alone in this world and that prayer is a very powerful weapon.

The Bible – More than any other, the Bible has shaped my life. No matter how many times I read it, I always discover new revelation. At various times, it has challenged, comforted, guided and molded me. It serves as the foundation for how I live my life.

Jane Eyre -After several bad experiences reading “classics” for my English classes in school, Jane Eyre was a revelation. It convinced me that some classics are worth reading. I also learned that sometimes you have to stick with a book, even when it’s slow going. I found the first hundred pages rather dull, but was so glad I kept reading the whole story.

Dream Spell -This was one of my first introductions to historical fiction set in the medieval era. It is also the first time slip novel I remember reading. Both the medieval time period and time slip stories are among my favorites now.

The Watchers -Despite this being a thrilling tale of suspense, what I most appreciate about The Watchers is that it introduced me to the concept of inherited spiritual DNA. An idea I find rather fascinating.


Cheyney Duvall M.D. Series -This is one of my earliest introductions to historical fiction, my favorite genre. It whetted my appetite for more. Plus, it is one of the first series I read, which featured a strong, but still feminine heroine challenging the status quo as a doctor during the Reconstruction era. There is a long slow-burning relationship with her male nurse and a lot of travel which allows the characters to be involved in various historical events.

Pearl in the Sand -I love good Biblical fiction but also am very picky about it being done right. This story of the harlot Rahab isn’t just well written, but had a real emotional impact. It addresses the topic of shame in such a memorable and life changing way. I loved it so much I passed it around to all my family members. Even my uncle read it.

These Old Shades -Sadly, Jane Austen’s bibliography is limited. So, I was thrilled to discover Georgette Heyer with her similar writing style and much larger list of publications. These Old Shades is still my favorite of her books.

Swift Water -Emilie Loring’s little Bantam paperbacks were well-read and loved during my younger years, especially before inspirational and clean fiction became more widely published and read. I loved her strong characters, vivid descriptions and New England settings. Swift Water is my favorite of all of Loring’s books and one which I enjoy re-reading.


Price of Privilege Series -I recommend this series to everyone I know. I was amazed by how every detail in each book, no matter how small, mattered to the story. It goes beyond being a favorite series and is more up there with life changing. The allegorical depiction of flawed humanity, good and evil, sacrificial love changed my perspective and has remained with me.

Redeeming Love -This updated re-telling of the biblical story of the prophet Hosea who was commanded by God to marry the prostitute Gomer, is a Christian fiction staple which remains on the best-seller list years after it was first released. It’s a beautiful picture of a love that never quits, that sees past weakness and pain, that sacrifices self with no expectations. It’s a story I can never get over and revisit when I need a reminder of what unconditional love looks like.

What books are you thankful for? What is a book that changed your life?



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4 Replies to “Top Ten Tuesday -Books I’m Thankful For”

  1. Whoa! That “Morris” surname takes me back. I’m not sure if ever I read anything by Lynn, but I feel like I read lots by Gilbert Morris. Happy Top Ten Tuesday, Brittaney!! 🙂

    1. You and me both Rissi! He was rather prolific and I owned most of his series. They Cheyney Duvall series was actually co-written by Gilbert Morris and his daughter but for some reason the newer publications of the series only show her name.

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