Top Ten Tuesday – Books I’d Gladly Throw Into the Ocean

Today’s Topic: Books I’d Gladly Throw Into the Ocean

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I love books too much to be able to malign them, even the ones I don’t like, even the bad ones. So, instead I decided to choose books set at the ocean or in which the ocean features in the story for this week’s prompt.

Things We Knew – Set in Nantucket, this explores family dysfunction and dynamics.

Bookshop By the Sea – A new release by Denise Hunter who has used the ocean as a setting before. But really the title is all I need to sell me. It’s a bookshop. By the sea.

A Castaway in Cornwall – As I mentioned last week, Cornwall and its’ history absolutely fascinates me. So, of course I read this newest historical romance as soon as it was released earlier this year.

Forever Your Girl – The sixth book of the Katie Parker series finally showcases the wedding of Katie and Charlie. But par for the course with these two, their Caribbean wedding is a hot mess!

Tidewater Bride – An excellent depiction of early Virginia settlers in Jamestown. Though technically set in an inlet, I’m still counting it as ocean worthy.

Carry Me Away – This story of shipwreck survivors who wash up on the shores of Australia is exceptionally well written.

The Crushing Depths – Book two in Pettrey’s new series features Coast Guard investigators who solve crimes.

The Waves – Two people are stranded alone together on a desert island and must rely on each other to survive.

Shelter of the Most High – The beginning of this story has it’s heroine take an ocean voyage from the shores of Sicily to Italy. It’s interesting watching her adjust both socially and culturally.

Beyond the Tides – This new release set in Prince Edward Island caught my eye thanks to its’ cover and that setting.

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