Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Read in One Sitting

Today’s Topic : Books I Read In One Sitting (or would have if I had the time)

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This week’s list could also be named, “Books I Couldn’t Put Down” since most of these I was not able to read in one sitting. Although there are a few that I managed to read in one sitting, mainly because they are under 300 pages. The rest just managed to captivate my attention.


Hypothesis Series – Laws of Physics – I breezed through this whole series in short order. Not only is each book just over two hundred pages, but I loved the overall story

Just Folking Around– Speaking of Reid, I just read this short story prequel of hers for her newest and very anticipated release.

Three Quarter Time Series  – I adore this short story series that is equal parts a love letter to music and Vienna as well as featuring some sweet romances.

Come Back to Me – Though I didn’t finish this time travel story in one sitting, I devoured it pretty quickly. It’s going on my list of favorite reads for this year.

A Peculiar Combination – I’ve been eagerly waiting for the first book in this new series and it did not disappoint me.

A Twist of Lemmon – I’m on a classic film star biography kick this year and this is my favorite type; written by the star’s child. Chris Lemmon tells some great stories about his father Jack Lemmon and all in under two hundred pages.

The Heiress Gets a Duke – I had never read anything by Harper St. George before. But something about this story of a business savvy heiress being wooed by a brawling aristocrat really kept me intrigued.

American Princess – I’ve been a huge fan of President Theodore Roosevelt most of my life. And even though this is a longer book, I loved reading this fictionalized story of his daughter Alice’ life.

The Songbook of Benny Lament – I can guarantee you that any book by Amy Harmon is one I will not be able to put down until finished, and this was no exception. Loved the New York 70’s scene it portrays including looks at the music industry.

To Sir, With Love – I mean how could I not fall in love with a story inspired by You’ve Got Mail? And I did literally finish the whole thing in one sitting.

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11 Replies to “Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Read in One Sitting”

  1. I finished Come Back to Me over the weekend, I loved it! The next book comes out in January and I can’t wait to read it and see what happens with Ellen and Harrison! Have you seen the cover of it? I am not a science fiction reader, but I am so glad I picked it up! Here is my list for this week and the only reason I didn’t put Come Back to Me on it is because I had already used it twice recently on my blog, lol!

  2. I read a book in a single sitting this week: As for Me and My House, from the early 1940s, by Canadian writer Sinclair Ross. Pure melodrama, but so well told and I. Couldn’t. Put. It. Down.

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