Top Ten Tuesday – Books featuring Female Scientists

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Looking through my Goodreads lists, one thing is clear. Either I don’t read enough books featuring female scientists or there just aren’t enough stories portraying women in STEM fields.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, since it accurately reflects real life numbers, where these fields are still overwhelmingly filled with men. Perhaps if women could read more stories of female scientists, they might be inspired and be able to envision themselves pursuing careers in these fields. One thing is for sure, it’s much easier in today’s world for a woman to pursue a career in science than it has been in years past. Thankfully.

Lady Elizabeth Sinclair
The Nature of a Lady

Charlotte Withersby
Like a Flower in Bloom

Nora Shipley
A Mosaic of Wings

Merlin Lambourne
Midsummer Moon

Willa Duvall
The Love Note

Annabelle Larkin
The Spice King

Research Scientist
Marian Creighton
Come Back to Me

Mona Da Vinci
Hypothesis Series 4-6

Forensic geologist
Raleigh Harmon
Raleigh Harmon P.I. Mysteries

Rosalind Werner
A Daring Venture


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