Top Ten Tuesday -Bookish Bromances

Today’s Topic: Platonic Relationships In Books (friendships, parent/child, siblings, family, etc.)

Hosted by: The Artsy Reader Girl

As much as I appreciate female friendships, I’ve always had a soft spot for those of the masculine variety. That is why I decided to focus on my favorite “bromances” for this week’s prompt.


Written in the Stars & Written in the Dust -I love a good Southern gentleman who isn’t afraid to work hard and protect those he loves. Hunter Pearce and Gatlin Moore are great examples of this. They also provide support to each other through grief and love. My Review


Chesapeake Valor Series -Four childhood friends in Baltimore with an Irish background and careers in protective and investigative fields? Yes, please. Griffin, Parker, Declan and Luke have a special bond made even tighter by the mystery of who killed Griffin’s sister and Parker’s girlfriend.


Arrangement Series -I like this Regency romantic comedy-lite series focused on seven gentlemen and the women they marry.


Bentwood Series -Although the Bentwood “Brats” consists of both men and women, I especially love the special bond the men have. Tyler, Sean and Beck have a unique friendship. Plus, there’s just something special about Texas guys. My review of The Truth Between Us


Discarded Heroes Series– My first and memorable introduction into Ronie Kendig’s military action stories. I’m a big fan of this particular band of brothers and their special ops team. They are currently being re-released and missing the fourth title Firethorn.

Making Faces -Remember those high school days when you were invincible and weekends were spent with friends? Ambrose Young and his high school buddies are a tight knit group on the football field, in the school hallways and even join the military together.


The Bridge & The Long Walk -As much as I love Pete Russell and Sully’s sweet little romance, I also find myself drawn to the Pete’s quiet friendship with Dan Thomas. Actually, Dan is an amazing friend to both Pete and Sully. My review of The Bridge & The Long Walk


Brothers Maldetti Series -Look, you know I can’t resist a series about handsome Italian triplets with supernatural abilities. But, the way these three brothers value their family relationships and each other is what really makes this series special. My review of Love’s Shadow


Age of Faith Series -Another series featuring brothers and set in the medieval ages. These men are not only warriors themselves but also known for their skill at training others to fight. They are also very protective of their sisters.

Are you a fan of bromances? What are some of your favorites?

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