Top Ten Tuesday – Book Titles That Would Make Good Song Titles

Today’s Topic: Book Titles That Would Make Good Song Titles

Hosted by: That Artsy Reader Girl

Lovely War – I have a thing for songs about death that also sound cheery (a la Mack the Knife, Maxwell’s Silver Hammer), and this one would fit right in. Of course, it could also be a beautifully angsty song with minor chords for some female ballad singer.

Among the Poppies – This makes me think of Sting’s song Fields of Gold. Maybe it could be a follow up?

P.S. Goodbye – It turns out this has already been used as a song title by The Chameleons. But I think it would make a great break-up song sung by someone like Meagan Trainor.

Autumn Skies – We need more songs celebrating the beauty of this amazing season.  There are so many great things to look forward to in the fall – football games, hot cocoa, sweaters, cozy nights by a fire…

Beauty Among Ruins – If this doesn’t scream inspirational song, I don’t know what does. Lyrics about strength in the middle of tragedy would fit this title wonderfully.

Love and a Little White Lie – I could see Miranda Lambert singing some jaunty, cheeky tune with this as a title.

Leaving Lonesome – This immediately conjured up a country song in my mind.

It Started in Budapest – This sound like a great idea for an adventure song or something Train might sing.

Soul Raging – Ooh, does this bring to mind either heavy metal or emo music to you? Because it does me. Either genre would be a good fit.

When Silence Sings – How can three random words fit together to create an ache in the heart like this title does to me? It definitely needs to be used in a slow, beautiful melody. Maybe something about giving a voice to the voiceless? Or something about the eyes speaking when the mouth cannot?

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