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I’m a romantic at heart and I love a good love story. So when I saw this week’s topic was a love freebie to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I was thrilled. I had a bit of trouble deciding what my topic would be as I had so many ideas. But I finally settled on my favorite book romances.

Is there anything better than when two individual souls find themselves in the other? I think not and the journey in recognizing love is half the fun. So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I give you my favorite book romances.

Colonel Cassius “Cass” McLinn & Roxanne “Roxie” Rowan in The Colonel’s Lady -Cass and Roxie may be my favorite couple ever. Cass appears to be a harsh military man stuck fighting skirmishes in the backwoods of Kentucky, but when the daughter of his closest friend arrives, he has a hard time maintaining his reserve. Roxie is just trying to survive and find a way back to civilization after learning her father is dead. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read their story.


Colonel Aric von Schmidt & Hadassah “Stella” Benjamin -For Such a Time -This is the couple that give Cass and Roxie a run for their money as my favorites. A re-telling of the Biblical story of Esther set in a WWII concentration camp. Aric is too compassionate to be in charge of the camp, particularly after saving Stella from a death squad. Stella acts as his secretary while also helping the Jewish resistance in the camp. Two apparent enemies who are not what they seem and who can’t help but be drawn to each other. Their romance is just heart-wrenching and perfect.

Rolfe Van Horne & Rosie Worth/Roxy Price in Duchess -Warren -Rolfe and Roxy initially meet in an earlier book, but the meeting only impacts one of them. She is searching for identity and meaning, living it up in pre-war Hollywood. He has never forgotten her and risks everything to help not only Roxy, but also a group of people whose lives are at risk.



A Lady of Independence

Viscount Weston & Astera ClayborneA Lady of Independence -I love a good meeting of the minds romance. Weston proposes out of duty only to be rejected by a woman no one else wants. He rises to the challenge of winning her over only to have Astera wise to his game. These two trade barbs like nobody’s business, but eventually Astera proves to Weston that she is more than worthy of his true regard.



Bo Porter & Meg Cole in Undeniably Yours-The old cowboy falls for heiress trope has never been done better. Many Wade fans love some of her other book couples better, but I prefer Bo and Meg. Despite being pretty and wealthy, Meg is also innocent and insecure. The steady, protective Bo is the perfect match for her. I really love the way Bo loves this woman he deems out of his reach.



Jack Cornwall & Caitrin Murphy in Prairie Fire -I’m sad Catherine Palmer is no longer publishing as I own almost all of her books. Jack and Caitrin stand out for their individual strength of character. Jack just wants to rescue his nephew and hold his fractured family together. Unfortunately the whole town and Caitrin’s family are prejudiced against him. But Caitrin is feisty and thinks for herself and is kind enough to give Jack the benefit of the doubt.


Dr. Trevor McDonough & Kate Livingston in With Every Breath -Let me just say, it was very hard to choose a favorite romance from all this author’s stories. Her characters and their relationships are all so unique and fascinating. But Trevor and Kate’s journey is unlike anything I’ve ever encountered. Trevor is focused, abrupt and not at all endearing. Yet, I found myself inexplicably drawn to him much like Kate does. Kate’s past with her school rival gives her an understanding perspective of his character, even as they continue to battle it out in their professional lives.

Matt Holloway & Grace Covington Mercy’s Fight -Okay, I lied. Matt and Grace may be my favorite couple ever. When this philanthropic, silver spoon fed rich girl moves into the inner city to work as a director for a non-profit, she runs head long into this former bad boy with emotional PTSD issues. Matt may have reformed, but he struggles with seeing his own worth and is determined to protect Grace from his worst tendencies as well as the threats in the neighborhood. He’s a tortured soul who just can’t resist the innocent light of Grace.

Charlie Lionheart & Ella Beckley- The Lady and the Lionheart -Charlie Lionheart….sigh. He’s an amazing hero, self-sacrificing, tender, patient and loving beyond belief which contrasts greatly with his external image as a tattooed lion tamer for the circus. When he begs assistance from a pretty and helpful nurse, little does he know that he will end up helping her heal from a past trauma. They have the most achingly sweet journey to happy-ever-after.


Archer Hayes & Sadie Carson in When Fall Fades -These two have explosive chemistry. Archer is a skeptical, guarded FBI agent who meets his match in the compassionate Sadie who just happens to be a person of interest in his latest case. Sadie continually inserts herself into his investigation and he can’t seem to resist her no matter how hard he tries.



Shiloh Irons & Dr. Cheney Duvall Cheney Duvall M.D. Series– Shiloh and Cheney are a long time favorite of mine. Civil War veteran (and orphan) Shiloh is hired to serve as nurse to the privileged Dr. Cheney. Over the course of the series they move from co-workers to friends to more. I love their journey



Quillen & Carina Maria DiGratia in The Diamond of the Rockies Series-Carina flees a life of privilege and a tight-knit family to prove herself in the gold fields of Colorado. Her meet-cute with the surly, private Quillen is definitely not so cute. But gradually they grow on one another and Quillen does feel protective of the tiny Italian spitfire.




Dr. Adam De Santo  & Jenna Marston in Not Exactly Eden -Dr. De Santo thinks he’s safe licking his wounds in the jungle working as a missionary doctor. But then his partner’s beautiful, American socialite daughter arrives. She immediately gets under his skin with her cheerful willingness to help. Worse, he’s constantly thrown together with her and she refuses to take his less than subtle hints to leave him alone. But, she’s remarkably resilient and forgiving.


Tahn Dorn & Netta in the Tahn Saga -Tahn has a tortured past at what would be called a child soldier in modern terms. His attachment to the betrothed of the man he killed is unusual. But Netta herself is unusual, a lady with a heart to help orphans and a certain former assassin. She sticks by him through the worst revelations of his past even when he tries to shield her by pushing her away.


Levi Grant & Eden Spencer in To Win Her Heart -Levi and Eden hold a special place in my heart. Levi is a former boxer who has just been released from prison for involuntary manslaughter. Eden is the daughter of the town’s founder and its’ librarian. These two may look like total opposites, but they both share a tender heart and a love for books.




David Cahill & Belle O’Brien in Mixed Signals -I love the two contemporary romances written by Liz Curtis Higgs. I wish she would write more. Belle is a radio DJ who is surprised to find herself attracted to her studio’s engineer. David suffers from insecurity due to a past betrayal, but he doesn’t let that stop him from pursuing his dream. These two have a quirky relationship full of awkward and sweet moments.



Caleb & KateCaleb + Kate -Inspired by the tale of Romeo and Juliet, Caleb and Kate come from different social backgrounds and families who carry a long term grudge against each other. But they just can’t resist each other. Kate bravely pursues Caleb. He is more cautious and aware of the risks. But he can’t resist Kate for long. I love how respectful Caleb is and mature for his age.



There you go. That is just a small portion of my favorite book romances. What are some of your favorites?

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7 Replies to “Top Ten Tuesday -Favorite Book Romances”

  1. OhMyGoodness! So many romances I adore… and so many I’ve yet to experience. Love Meg and Bo; Charlie and Ella; and also Trevor and Kate, too! Once upon a time I really wanted to read ‘Eden’ too, but as it’s such a dated novel, I’ve long since forgotten about it. Perhaps someday I’ll give the throwback book a chance. 🙂

    Seeing Susan’s historical series on this list brings back memories too. A bittersweet series, but one I did enjoy.

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