Top Ten Tuesday – Book Crushes

Today’s Topic:  Fictional Crushes

Hosted by: That Artsy Reader Girl

I’ve had many book crushes over the years. Thankfully, I’m not as fickle in real life. At any rate, here are just a few of my latest and also long-term love interests.

Keir MacRae from Devil in Disguise – Who can resist a Scottish man with a soft heart?

Drew Runous from Beauty and the Mustache – I will never get over the poetic soul and kind thoughtfulness of Drew. He’s one of my all time favorites.

Emory Scott from The Painted Castle – You know what can be really appealing? A man who has screwed up big time working to change his ways and redeem himself.

Sebastian Carew from Divine – There are few things that get me all twisted up like a hero who has secretly and faithfully been in love with the heroine for years.

Philip Wyndham from Edenbrooke – I’ve always wanted to find a man who is delighted by me as Philip is by Marianne.

Dominic De Vere from Battle Royal – I’m not much of a fan of the silent, gruff type in real life. But when done well in fiction….swoon! And Dominic is a grumpy hero with a very sweet center.

Oliver McLaughlin from Dearest Josephine – I know the stereotype is that we all want the strong, silent type or the brooding Mr. Darcy guy, but in real life, give me the patient, fun and thoughtful man who doesn’t mind the odd bit of weirdness that might sneak past.

Wynn MacCallan from The Ice Swan – C’mon, don’t we all want a rich, handsome, talented surgeon to cut through any icy walls we might try to erect against him?

William Durham from Come Back to Me – One thing that continually lures me back to medieval fiction is the depiction of the strong valiant knight willing to fight for his lady, much like William does here.

Charlie Benson from Katie Parker Production Series– I love how Charlie rolls with the punches. He’s easy going, has a quick sense of humor and patient with Katie’s crazy.

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