Top Ten Tuesday – Book Covers with Winter Vibes

Today’s Topic: Freebie

Hosted by: That Artsy Reader Girl

This week’s topic is a freebie. In looking for inspiration, I didn’t have to look too hard. Top Ten Tuesday recently had a prompt for Books That Give off Autumn Vibes.

As much as I dislike winter, I decided it shouldn’t get short shrift, just because it’s my least favorite season. So, this week I’m featuring books that give me all the winter vibes.

Bear No Malice

Last Days of the Romanov Dancers

In the Cradle Lies

The Number of Love 

The Songbird and the Spy

Like a Winter Snow

The Express Bride

Ladies of Intrigue 

Midnight on the River Grey

Beneath the Blackberry Moon: The Ebony Cloak

The Line Between

The Reluctant Warrior

The Bear and the Nightingale

From Winter’s Ashes

Falling Like Snowflakes

As Bright as Heaven

The Long Walk

Collision of the Heart

Wildflowers from Winter


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