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Well, originally I thought to stick to today’s prompt. However, I am covering my favorite books of 2018 in another post. So, instead I decided to make a list of my favorite fictional heroes of the year. You know I can’t resist a well written romantic leading man. It was extremely hard to narrow them down, but I did my best.

Oliver Thorne in Rose in Three Quarter Time – How could I not love a hero modeled after Oliver O’Toole from Hallmark’s Signed, Sealed, Delivered? Plus, he’s a musician with a romantic soul, who’s a total softie.

Cyr D’Argent in Merciless – A warrior with a soft heart, who sees past the narrow box of victor versus vanquished. I love a strong man who can also be gentle and considerate.

Marcus Buck in Drawn by the Frost Moon: Bitter Eyes No More – A soldier, a doctor and rescuer of a recalcitrant woman. He’s just so tender and patient with Lillian and doesn’t hold her past against her. Everyone needs a hero like that.

Colin Radcliffe, Marquess of Blake in Seeing Miss Heartstone – There’s just something about a man who knows how to communicate his thoughts in a letter, even if he does fall for his anonymous pen pal. Plus, he loves and makes sacrifices for the sake of his family. Who can resist that?

Henry Wright in When You Look at Me – Ah, Henry. Quiet, patient and he communicates best through music!! Not to mention he is gentle and understanding in his  love towards a woman pregnant by rape. He’s just the sweetest thing ever.

Joshua Templeman in The Hating Game – Just like Lucy I hated Josh until I loved him. He seems like such a jerk. But like a wounded animal you learn he is only lashing out in self-protection. In reality he is just shy and unsure of himself.

Darek in A Light on the Hill – I have a soft spot for protectors. Which is what Darek is along with being a warrior. I loved watching him fight his attraction to the scarred woman who accidentally killed his nephews. Somehow he has eyes to see past the obvious to the generous heart Moriyah possesses.

Paul Harris in Impossible Saints – It takes a very unique man to enter into an arranged marriage at great potential cost to himself. Especially to a suffragette activist woman. Somehow, he manages to be neither threatened or run over by her strength which makes him incredibly attractive.

Thor Norgaard in Sons of Blackbird Mountain – I never thought a deaf alcoholic would make such an excellent romantic hero. But Thor is so sincere, fiercely tender and lonely, my heart went out to him.

Milo Ames in Amory Ames Mystery Series – Opaque and ambiguous, it’s hard to gauge the thoughts and emotions of this sophisticated man. But every now and then he betrays his love for his crime solving wife. There’s just something about the mystery of his mind that keeps me intrigued.

Noble Renault in The Lacemaker – I first fell in love with that name. Then I fell for the quiet, thoughtful, sensitive man who bears it. Noble is the perfect moniker for this man of love and sacrifice.

Gatlin Moore in the Backroads Duology – There is just something about Gatlin that tugs at my heartstrings, even though he begins out rather surly. I can’t help admiring a man who gives up his plans to help his parents and continues to carry a silent torch for the woman who abandoned him.

Jack Kelly in The Long Walk – As much as I loved Pete for Meredith, Irish author Jack Kelly almost displaced Pete in my affections and in this particular love triangle. How could I resist a wordsmith with an Irish brogue? Not to mention, he is extremely generous and patient with Meredith.

Justin Thornhill in The Matrimonial Advertisement – I love a wounded hero, especially one who continues to be tender and protective like Justin. He’s swoonalicious!

Who were your favorite fictional romantic heroes this year? Who should I add to my list?




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7 Replies to “Top Ten Tuesday – Best Fictional Heroes in 2018”

    1. I have now read three of Mimi Matthews books and I’m loving all her heroes, including Justin Thornhill. I hope you enjoy A Light on the Hill as much as I did!

  1. YAY! Who doesn’t love a good romantic leading man!? I know I do. Really fun spin for this topic, Brittaney; glad to see “The Long Walk” on here as I’ve yet to read Jill’s, but thanks to you, I’m hopeful to read them soon! 🙂

    1. Oh, I hope you get a chance to read them. Jill’s books have been on my favorite’s list the last two years. I also happen to know she will be releasing another one in this series this year, this time in epistolary form. I can’t wait!!

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