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Today’s Topic: Best Character Names (make this as narrow/broad as you’d like)

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This just may be my favorite Top Ten Tuesday topic ever!

For as long as I can remember I have been in love with and fascinated by names. As a child one of my most cherished books, which I read over and over, was a baby name book. I loved keeping lists of my favorites and most hated names as well as reading about their origins and meanings.  I once carried on a two hour phone conversation discussing names, liked and disliked. And at one point I wanted to re-name myself Lavender (don’t ask!)

This week’s topic choice however made me realize that I haven’t kept a list of my favorite book character names. I’m actually kind of mad at myself about it. Thankfully, this topic prompted me to dig back into some of my favorite stories to search out some great names. And also, to start keeping a list.

Tamsen Littlejohn The Pursuit of Tamsen Littlejohn

Tamsen (and it’s variant spellings) is not a common name here in the U.S., but is one I see more frequently in British films and series. But I’ve always love the way it looks and sounds. It is a beautiful name for a heroine in a great historical story.

Noble Rynallt The Lacemaker

Without a doubt, this is my favorite book character name ever. The first name perfectly describes the male hero and matched with the last name leaves a beautiful taste in my mouth when I say it.

Charlie Lionheart The Lady and the Lionheart

I don’t know if I love Charlie Lionheart more because of his name or if I love his name because of his character. Regardless, I love that his last names speaks volumes about the story and the man.

Bracken of Hawkings Crest – The Knight and the Dove

Do you know how many years it has been since I read this book? Decades. But it is the first one I thought of when working on this week’s prompt. Why? Because the name Bracken has proven to be extremely memorable for me.

Graeye Charwyck – Lady of Eve

Gray is more commonly used as a name for men. But I love that it is used for a medieval heroine. I also love the unique spelling of her first and last names together. Even in a regular font, it just looks like it has its’ own special flourish.

Reeve Wilder Tiffany Girl

Doesn’t this name conjure up all kinds of sexy male images in your mind. It does for me. I like that it is used for a hero who is bookish, reclusive and a bit put off by his scatterbrained female neighbor. It’s just a shame that his love interest is named Flossie. It is not a fitting name match for a man named Reeve.

Hamish DeLuca Murder at the Flamingo

Ordinarily Hamish is not a name I like, but paired with that last name and in a Depression era Boston setting it just seems right.

Feya BroonWithin the Veil

Can you imagine a Scottish gypsy woman with any other name than this? I can’t. It’s a perfect fit for her heritage and her personality.

Piper SailThe Lost Girl of Astor Street

This name runs a close second as my favorite book character name ever. But it is definitely my favorite female name. It’s a great choice for a young wannabe female detective trying to investigate the disappearance of her best friend in 1920’s Chicago. Plus, it is fun to say.

I also want to mention two authors who consistently choose great names for their main characters.

Tamera Alexander never fails to find the right name to convey the character of her historical fiction heroes. They are unique without being weird. They instantly conjure up strong, silent, southern gentleman.

Examples: Sylas Rutledge –To Wager Her Heart, Ridley Cooper – To Whisper Her Name, Cullen McGrath – To Win Her Favor, Sutton Monroe – A Lasting Impression

Jen Turano writes what I call historical screwball romantic comedy. Somehow she manages to find historically accurate, but outlandish sounding names for her feisty, independent, trouble-prone heroines.

Examples: Lucetta Plum – Playing the Part, Permilia Griswold – Behind the Scenes, Gertrude Cadwalader – Out of the Ordinary, Temperance Flowerdew –  Caught by Surprise

Do you have any favorite character names? What do you think of some of the names I’ve chosen?

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  1. Love the name Piper! It’s been a favorite for a long time. Also, Charlie Lionheart suits this character SO well. Love him and his name, and Lori Wick’s series!! What memories that brings back. I too read those years ago. It might be fun to read them again just to see how much my reading tastes have changed. 🙂

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