Top Ten Tuesday – Best Books I Read In 2021

Today’s Topic:  Best Books I Read In 2021

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I plan on covering this topic within my end of the year book review, but until then, here is a little bit about my favorite books of 2021.

The Songbook of Benny Lament -Set in 1970’s NYC, Harmon’s inter-racial romance between a son of the mafia and a sassy chanteuse is creatively told in flashback through a radio interview.

American Princess: A Novel of First Daughter Alice Roosevelt – A fictionalize tale of President Theodore Roosevelt’s daughter makes her seem more human, but also very much the wild, somewhat rebellious woman she was famed to be.

A Peculiar Combination – Though I’m a bit burned out on WWII settings, I’m a fan of the author’s cozy mysteries and was delighted by her choice of pairing a taciturn government officer with a lady thief to solve crimes.

The Ice Swan – This historical novel combined some of my favorite things, WWI Paris, Russian aristocracy and a cross-cultural romance. Not to mention, it is extremely well written.

Come Back to Me – I’m always up for a good time-travel story, particularly if it includes the Middle Ages. This one has it all, adventure, romance, suspense and action.

Dearest Josephine – I appreciated how this book focused on the benefits and drawbacks of allowing fictional stories to feel like real life. It really gave me a lot to consider.

The Bromance Book Club – The first in a series (and also the best), I was charmed by the premise of a group of male friends reading romance novels to help improve their relationships.

Battle Royal – I’ve been waiting a while for a new release (and series) from Lucy Parker and she didn’t disappoint with this one about two rival cake makers who end up falling for each other.

Remembering Jamie – The final book in a series, this one brought it all full circle with a very emotional finale which included a husband trying to woo back his amnesiac wife. It was utterly heart wrenching and romantic.

Nothing Short of Wonderous – I can’t remember the last time I was so utterly transported to a place through a book. I loved exploring the earliest years of Yellowstone National Park along with the characters.

Luck of the Draw – Of all the contemporary romances I read this year, this one really stuck out.  I fell hard for the characters and loved the summer camp setting.

All That Really Matters – I wasn’t expecting to be so impacted by a story about an Instagram influencer who is changed by her experiences working with at risk young adults, but it explored some deep and thoughtful issues.

The Mozart Code – I was privileged to read an ARC of this fabulously written early Cold War romance set in Vienna and Prague and was left practically speechless by it. It’s a love story between emotionally mature adults, within a plot including suspense and adventure. My words won’t do it justice, but it’s one you need to read.

In a Far Off Land – I wouldn’t have said this updated telling of the Prodigal Son was a favorite of mine, but I haven’t been able to quit thinking about it since I finished it.  Being a classic film fan, I did love the 1930’s Hollywood setting and also how it included the story of Mexican immigrants during that time.

Tapestry of Light This wasn’t an easy read for me as it deals with some topics I’m in the midst of figuring out myself. But it resonated with me deeply and left me with a lot to ponder.


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11 Replies to “Top Ten Tuesday – Best Books I Read In 2021”

  1. I’ve seen The Songbook of Lenny on several lists today and now I want to learn more. So many books and so little time. I don’t want to waste my reading time on not so great books so I am thnkaful for the opportunity to learn about the best ones. My 2021 Favorites

    1. I was pleasantly surprised by the American Wonders series and have only the last book to finish. Amy Harmon is one of my favorite storytellers. If you haven’t already read them, From Sand and Ash an What the Wind Knows are my favorite of hers.

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