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Today’s Topic: Top Ten Books On My Fall TBR List

Well, I’m ashamed to say my current TBR list for both physical and digital books now numbers in the hundreds (hanging my head in shame). But never let it be said that I am a timid soul. No! I shall not be intimidated into limiting my TBR list. How can I be when there are so many great titles recently released and soon to release? These are the books I desperately hope to read this fall. Click on titles for links to each book’s Amazon page.

Crown of Souls -Ronie Kendig

From her first release, Kendig has taken hostage my attention with her military action/romantic suspense stories. In my opinion, this is her best series yet and I can’t wait to read more of the adventures of Tox and his crew.

All This Time -Melissa Tagg

I am loving Tagg’s Walker family series and since book one have been eagerly awaiting Bear and Reagan’s story. It’s almost here. Squee!!!! Releasing September 28.

A New Shade of Summer -Nicole Deese

Even if Deese wasn’t one of my must-read authors, I would still want to read this book based on the cover alone. Early reviews have been glowing though so I know I will love it.

Blind Spot -Dani Pettrey

Romantic suspense is not my go-to genre, but Pettrey is one of my go-to authors. This is the third and perhaps final story in her book about a group of men who have been friends since childhood. Plus, I really want to know if the mystery of who killed one of their family members is finally solved. Releasing October 3.

Blue Ridge Sunrise -Denise Hunter

I’m not even sure that I’ve read the synopsis on this one. But I don’t have to. Hunter has long been a favorite author of mine. I always know I will love her sweet contemporary romances. Releasing November 7.

The Austen Escape -Katherine Reay

Reay has been writing Austen inspired stories since her debut. Unlike some authors, her stories are not updated re-tellings, but imaginative new stories with whispers of classic literature tied in. I’m looking forward to reading her latest which sounds a little bit like the film Austenland. Releasing November 7.

Something Like Family -Heather Burch

I fell in love with Burch’s emotionally complex, dysfunctional family stories. Her writing never disappoints me. I’ve been told by the author that the cover reflects little hints within the story. This one is a recent release. It has been on my TBR pile for a while and I hope to get to it soon.

Firstborn -Tosca Lee

This is the sequel to Lee’s young adult mystery thriller The Progeny which I read and became addicted to last year. I’ve been wanting to experience the rest of the story since then. Firstborn released early this year. I still haven’t had a chance to read it and it’s killing me!

The Promise of Breeze Hill -Pam Hillman

I love discovering new to me authors, especially in my favorite genre of historical fiction. I recently won this book in a giveaway and can’t wait to learn more about the southern town of Natchez, Mississippi in the 1790’s. Plus, doesn’t that cover whisper the promise of a tale as  sweet and southern as iced tea?

Many Sparrows -Lori Benton

Benton’s books turn me into a Pavlovian dog mentally salivating over her exceptional stories. I love her focus on pre-Revolutionary America and really believe her to be a premier author in this genre.  Plus, I love how she weaves in an intermix of cultures.

Four Winds -Lisa Bergren

I loved Bergren’s original Rivers of Time series. I’ve already read the first book in this new River of Time California series focusing on a young woman who travels back in time to California during the time of its’ transition to statehood.

Lady Jayne Disappears -Joanna Davidson Politano

I’ve already mentioned how I love discovering new authors in historical fiction. So, I’ll just state that the premise of the book about a young woman posing as a male author while trying to solve the mystery of her mother’s death has me intrigued. Releasing October 3.

A Dangerous Legacy -Elizabeth Camden

I love how Camden features emotionally scarred women with unusual careers in her historical novels. Plus, she is another one of my favorite authors. This story about a romantic rivalry between a telegrapher and her nemesis sounds right up my alley. Releasing October 3.

And that’s my list, pared down as much as possible, although still not quite limited to ten. What are some books that you are looking forward to reading this fall?

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  1. This list is similar to my own fall TBR hopes. Of course, ‘Lady Jayne’ is high on my must list because a. it sounds amazing and b. it’s penned by a new author (always a fun discovery to make); Camden, Reay, and Pettrey are favorites; and how did I forget to add Denise’s book to my list??

    Also, Nicole’s and Melissa’s latest are magical and lovely. Happy reading!

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