Book Review -Dead Reckoning

Dead Reckoning is the rewrite of a debut book originally published in 2010 by Ronie Kendig. It received good reviews at the time, but from what I can tell, it is garnering even better reviews since it has been rewritten.

This is not the first novel of Kendig’s which I have read and just like her other books, it is a wild ride which keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time. The story follows Shiloh Blake who finds herself caught up in an international intrigue after a hit squad attacks her underwater archaeology group. She then goes on the run and the hunt to determine why they were attacked and who is behind it, while also trying to stay alive and determining who she can trust, including undercover CIA agent Reece Jaxon.

Although, in the beginning Shiloh seems like your average twenty-something, as the book progresses you find she has a pretty specific skill set, which adds mystery to her backstory.  I really enjoyed the interaction between Shiloh and Reece, who each have broken and traumatic pasts which makes the journey they experience to develop trust between each other very interesting.

Another relationship which fascinated me is the one between Shiloh and her father. When the story begins, they have had no contact with each other for years due to a gulf of guilt and anger between them from a dysfunctional history. I can understand and justify Shiloh’s feelings towards her father whose job cost her so much, and yet it is her father’s job and training which has given her the skills and confidence she needs to survive. And even though she is unaware, it is Shiloh’s father working behind the scenes enabling her to stay safe and track down the truth.

Kendig does a good job of showing the intricate world of international spies and terrorists and the precarious balance they all live in. She is also successful in making you second guess each character and their motives as even the minor characters all have a link to the conspiracy that unfolds.

Although I have a few quibbles with this book, I definitely recommend this improved version of Dead Reckoning. Like all of Kendig’s books, it has everything, action, suspense, romance, tension and an interesting resolution. It is a clean read except for some scenes of violence. You can currently purchase the Kindle version for $3.99 at Amazon.  If you would like to sample this author  without committing to a purchase she currently has two novellas available for free. Operation Zulu Redemption:Overkill is the first in her series about an all female special ops team. The Warrior’s Seal is the prequel to her newest series The Tox Files. Many of her earlier novels are available for under $4.00.  I would also highly encourage you to check out the author’s other books about military heroes, all of which I have read and loved and think you will too.


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