Book Review -Settling Up


Statistics professor Lauren Sinclair uses her affinity for numbers as a way to deal with anxiety and her deficient social skills. For years she has also put her personal life on hold as she works towards her professional goals. Lauren decides that settling down and getting married might help her gain tenure at her university so with her sister’s help she reactivates her online dating accounts. But none of the men meet her stringent percentage weighed list of standards.

Meanwhile after spotting a bald spot she heads to the casino to de-stress with her favorite blackjack dealer. Only she exposes her hairless shame to the tattooed, sexy new dealer who is subbing for her former sounding board. In spite of her embarrassment Lauren feels a bond with Mack and they form a friendship. He agrees to give her feedback on her dating candidates and she gives him a safe place to process his grief over his deceased wife. But will Lauren ever find a Mr. Right who matches her detailed list?


A reader can fall in love with many things about a book; a writing style, the genre, ┬ástory line or setting. But ya’ll, I totally fell in love with Lauren Sinclair in Settling Up!

Lauren knows her own strengths and weaknesses and makes no excuses for them. She is intellectually brilliant yet socially awkward. ┬áHer inner monologues are hilarious and even when she embarrasses herself she remains endearingly vulnerable. And ladies, confess. Who among us has not made a list of requirements for our perfect man, even if it isn’t quite as….er detailed and precise as Lauren’s?

Anyone who has ever tried online dating can most likely relate to a few of Lauren’s thoughts on the mens’ profiles. Not to mention, who hasn’t had at least one totally disastrous first date?

I also love the relationship between Lauren and her sister. Not just family, they are best friends who know each other’s habits and coping mechanisms and are willing to drop everything at a moment’s notice for each other.

Obviously there is much to love about Lauren and Settling Up and I haven’t yet mentioned Mack. From day one he accepts Lauren as she is and also challenges her preconceived notions of people. Their relationship opens up a new world for both of them expanding the boundaries of their formerly narrow lives. I love how calm and easy-going Mack is and how his character and personality are slowly revealed as the book progresses.

Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed Settling Up. It is the third book I’ve read by author Eryn Scott and it certainly won’t be the last. I’m a huge fan of romantic comedies and Scott knows how to write them well. Plus, her heroines are always one of a kind. And with all her e- books priced under $3.00, you can’t go wrong taking a chance on reading her stories.

Check out the author’s Amazon page for a list of all of her titles.

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