Author Spotlight -Helen Argers

One of the many things I want to use my website for is to introduce you to authors and films which are not often celebrated, but which deserve to be.  That is why you will find that I am not always writing about the newest releases or the most popular author.  A good story can be found in unlikely even obscure places and I would hate for you to miss out on such hidden treasure.

Today I want to spotlight Helen Argers, author of historical romance stories. Helen has ten titles to her name two of which were written under the name Helen Archery. The majority of her books were published in the nineties with seven of them being published in the smaller mass paperback form. These paperbacks are all set in Regency England.

Helen Argers also published three titles in hardback, one of which, The Gilded Lily, is actually available in ebook form. These three books are longer and as such have more intricate and detailed plots.

I have read and own every one of her stories and love them. In fact, I often re-read them.  Her heroines are independent and fit the mold of early feminists while still remaining true to the time in which they live. One of the common themes in these books is the discovery of their own inner strength and also the taming of the hero by the heroine, which I have to admit, I kind of like. The banter and battle between the sexes is definitely a highlight of these books. There have been times I have literally laughed out loud when reading. I also appreciate that Argers stories are culturally and historically correct as well as being clean reads.

Helen Argers is one of those authors who make it hard for me to pick a favorite among her titles. I just can’t, because they are all so engaging and interesting. I am very sad that she is no longer writing new books. Argers books are a bit harder to track down, but definitely worth the effort. Apart from The Gilded Lily which I have mentioned can be purchased for Kindle here, many of her titles are available at online re-salers such as Amazon, eBay and You can also occasionally find them in used book stores.

If you like historical novels set in Regency England with strong yet feminine and sassy heroines then I encourage you to check out Helen Argers books. Believe me, it will be worth your effort.


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